Keith was born in 1959, the son of a fish shop owner and a dance teacher. He studied Philosophy and Psychology at Bristol University.

Since 1982 Keith has worked mainly as a scriptwriter, book author and documentary maker for television. His first screenplay, an adaptation of the Martin Amis novel Other People: A Mystery Story, was funded by the National Film Development Fund and led to a commission for a three-part version for BBC TV Series and Serials. Keith was a winner of the National Screenwriting Competition in 1987 for his original screenplay ‘The Blue Pearl’. Subsequent scripts have been commissioned by Paulforth Ltd. (Family Business), Millimages S.A. (Pablo – the Movie) and Red Fox Productions (Black Dog, Death of a Soapstar, A2Z).

In Television Keith won the BT Science Journalism of the Year Award in 1993 for his BBC documentary Killing Us Softly? about the safety system of the Sizewell ‘B’ power station.  In 2000 he won a Children’s BAFTA award for his work co-creating, co-producing and co-writing the BBC children’s animation series Pablo – the little red fox based on the ‘Red Fox’ books by Hannah Giffard.  The series, co-produced by Red Fox Productions (of which Keith is the Managing Director) and Millimages S.A. in 1999, has now been broadcast in over 50 countries and continues to play on C-Beebies.

Keith has had six non-fiction book titles published including: Unexplained Natural Phenomena (Orion, 1997) and The Search for Free Energy (Simon and Schuster UK, 2001). He also has two children’s books in print: Pablo Goes Hunting and Pablo Meets the Neighbours. Keith has been writing fiction and poetry since 2000.  His first novel, ‘A2Z’, was completed with the support of a grant from the Arts Council Escalator scheme and he is currently working on his second novel. Since 2008 Keith has worked as a Royal Literary Fund Fellow, both at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and the University of East Anglia in Norwich.

With Daniel Saunders, Keith creates the comic strips, short films and graphic novels collectively known as Lard Wants World Peace!

Keith is currently working on a number of other screenplay and fiction projects. Keith is currently completing a musical play for the stage about Frida Kahlo.

Keith lives in North Norfolk, England.


  1. frankloon

    You and Daniel are the best.

    If you don’t know it by now, then let me reassure you: You are doing the universe a favor and he told me so. He really likes your stuff (his words, not mine!). Just last week, he wouldn’t shut up about it. Anyway, we think you guys are always right on with your witty minimalistic approach on life’s many issues and joys… It’s pure philosophy gold!

    Oh!… and as for the presidency? The Universe and I were thinking more like a Universal ambassador for awareness.
    He is still working on the title as I’m writing these lines but the jurisdiction will be HUUUGE! No perks, just duty!

    Love, joy and creativity to you all

    Frank Loon, Space Sentient / Astral Jester / Dedicated Philanthropist

  2. Sue

    Hi Keith, loved the Fake or Fortune prog featuring your Vuillard painting. Mainly for the comments you made after discovering it was an original, ie, you’d always loved it! The journey of discovery was amazing too. Very best, Sue

    • Keith Tutt

      Thank you, Yvonne. Much appreciated. My tears (mainly of relief, but other feelings too) came later. I’m currently writing a book about my time with the painting…which still goes on. With best wishes, Keith

  3. Peter Dunkley

    Keith, we last met in July 1976. The day I (and probably you?) left school. So while reeling from the realisation of just how long ago that was, just a line to say I was thrilled to see how things turned out so well for you and your splendidly genuine Vuillard. There is a god!

    With kind regards, Peter

    • Keith Tutt

      Thanks so much, Peter for those words. Yes, it felt like a validation of life as well as art to me too. I’m writing the book that tells the whole story. I remember July 1976 quite well! I think I stayed for an extra year as I’d had glandular fever. Did you have a flat in the Barbican? I hope life if going well! With very best wishes, Keith

      • Peter Dunkley

        We did indeed have a flat there then…. can’t believe you remember that. You evidently came there? P

  4. Sue

    Hi Keith, fascinating stuff, I loved your painting and the story revealed behind it, look forward to the next phase :).
    Btw, are u still interested in free/alternative energy solutions? My ex husband, an old Tonbridgian, has a very interesting project in Notts, producing oils from plants without actually having to grow acres of plants , just needs tanks. Can put you in touch if you like.
    Love your children’s books too, find memories of when our were little 🙂
    Warmest wishes, Sue

  5. Sarah Smith

    Hello Keith. I saw Fake or Fortune recently and really enjoyed it. Our family has a particular interest in Vuillard. We are not lucky enough to own one of his paintings but we do live in one! He painted our house several times (one example is currently hanging in the Musee d’Orsay) because he often visited his sister who was married to Roussel and lived in the house next door to us in l’Etang-la-Ville. Do let us know if you’re ever in the area. Kind regards, Sarah.

    • Keith Tutt

      Hello Sarah, Thanks so much for your message. I’ll take a look in Monsieur Vuillard’s Catalogue for your house. Thanks so much for the invitation. I’ll certainly be in touch when I’m next heading your way. All best wishes, Keith. ps I have heard that there is a new Roussel exhibition on the way, organised by the Roussel archive in Paris.

  6. Nanotech

    Keith, hello, sir! I enjoyed your book about free energy. Thank you for being so informative and objective and for having so many chapters on many different energy developers. I appreciate it and recommend this book to everyone.

    • Keith Tutt

      Hi there Nanotech. Thanks so much for that. It’s great to know you enjoyed the book. I really appreciate your feedback and to know that you recommend it is wonderful. With my very best wishes, Keith

  7. Oliver Rugen

    Hi Keith,
    Could you send me Nigel’s ( brother ) contact details ?
    Would be much appreciated.
    All the Best, Olly Rugen.

  8. Alan Young

    Fabulous painting…I too have discovered a few treasures which now hang in my home.
    Some need further research but the quest is worth it.
    Doreen, Victoria, Australia

  9. Jonathan McCoy

    Hello Keith,
    My name is Jonathan McCoy, while doing some research for my Sustainable Systems Engineering class at Metropolitan State University in Denver Colorado. I came across your book “The Search For Free Energy” and would love nothing more than to talk to you about it. If might add, that this was a fantastic read of you breaking down possible answers to the energy crisis we are currently going through today. So if you have the time please reply back i would love to here your thoughts on the matter.

    Thank you,
    Jonathan McCoy

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